Thursday, April 09, 2009

Things I have accomplished this week

  • Finished the cushions for the top and bottom of Milly's crate so that she can sit on it without grungy towels being everywhere. Without something on the top her little paws can slip through the wires of the crate
  • Finished painting the wall behind the TV and above the front windows
  • Posted our old green rug on Craigslist and met up with the girl who wanted it to give it to her
  • Had dinner last night with a good friend, Jaci
  • Took Milly to the vet because her paw has an infected scratch or something on it. Whatever it is, it makes her paw big and red and swollen! The vet recommended putting a cone on her head so she doesn't chew on the paw... I felt like a genius for saving the old cone from when she got fixed! I had thrown away the old piece of cloth that they used to tie it on though, and the only fabric I had laying around was that green and white damask stuff in the above picture that I used for the cushions. So I cut a piece of that to tie it around her neck.... at least she's a fashionable cone-head dog. Milly was NONE too happy to be left this morning with a cone on her head. Oh man, she was whiny. Poor Milly :(
  • Backed up laptop and didn't have room to backup the whole thing. I have 40G of PICTURES on that thing. Holy cow. The nikon is killing my poor pink laptop!
  • Watched The Hills season premiere. It's going to be a GREAT season!
  • Other assorted random boring household chores like laundry and dishes that I won't bore you with.

And Mike is coming home early this week - tonight instead of tomorrow!!


Mich said...

Oh dang! I forgot to tape The Hills - thank goodness for the internet...will be watching pronto!