Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend fun

This weekend was so fun! Friday I came home early and attempted to take a nap, but a certain beagle wouldn't sit still enough or stop whining enough to let me do so. Oh well. That night we had a dinner date with our neighbors. We hit up Pequod's Pizza and saw the movie "I love you, Man." We hit Pequod's super early since it tends to get really jam-packed... then had time for a few beers before the movie at a bar next door to the pizza place. We moseyed over to the movie theatre a few minutes before our showing and it was sold out! So we bought tickets for the next showing (a little over an hour from then) and headed back to the bar. Good times! The movie was funny, not Anchorman- or 40-year-old-Virgin-funny, but funny all the same.

Saturday we rolled out of bed, finished packing, grabbed the beagle and got on the road. Traffic was awesome and we made it to Mike's parents' by 1. Mike's mom sent his sister into town to grab us some Mr Happy Burger, which was divine. They by far make the best pork tenderloin ever.

The weather was in the 60s, and the nephews were keeping the beagle busy by running around the yard and throwing tennis balls and sticks for her to "fetch". I use quotes around fetch b.c she will run to the ball or stick and then either get it and run away with it, or just kind of toss it around and not bring it back. Mike and I were laughing that everyone wins in the situation where the beagle tires out the nephews and vice versa. Milly had a BALL and loved running super fast through their big yard. Aydan came up to me and said "Aunt Apwil! Miwwy is FAST!!!" (as an aside, Mike's nephews don't say "Uncle Michael" but instead say "Michael Michael"... it's super cute!) Yes, yes she is, little one.

After Mike's sister packed up all the boys (4 boys - ages 5, 4, 1, and 1.5 mos) we headed to town for our Walmart trip. Walmarts aren't allowed in this here big city, so we had to stock up on cheap paper towels (we go through them so much fast with Milly the MessMaker) and the like. We picked up Bruno's pizza (Oh. So. Good) and a Sonic Cherry Lime-ade for me (I have a mad mad love for them. Try one if you're near a Sonic!) on the way back out to his parents' house. Once out there, we all ate as much pizza as we could handle and then walked around the back yard kicking bushes and piles of brush hoping for a bunny to come running out for Milly to chase. A couple ran around right past her; she is not that good at paying attention. But she did chase one, so that's a start! Later we watched Slumdog Millionaire. I REALLY liked it, but at one point Mike turned to me and said "this movie isn't very exciting, pal." I was like "HEY NOW. I like it!"

Sunday we woke up super early to hit services at a local church that Mike went to as a kid. Then we headed into town for the first of two holiday dinners. Mike's Grandma H cooks the big lunch and she makes some fantastic noodles. It was all I could do to not load my plate just of those! The second dinner was at his Grandpa and Grandma K's and the food there was awesome too. I had second helpings of cheesy potatoes... so good! We took Milly along to that dinner, and she had a grand time playing with all the cousins and figured out how to jump their baby gate (glad I bought the extra tall one for our condo now!). Milly was so tuckered out from all the festivities that she was super chill even last night and flat-out exhausted on Sunday night on the drive home!

I'll post some pics from the nephews' Easter Egg hunt tomorrow, those are at home on my camera. Oops! It was a gorgeous day, so hopefully the pictures look great. They sure looked cute on my preview screen :)