Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I got a fevah for more Opera House!

Hubs and I leave tomorrow for a week down under, in Sydney, Australia! I am getting super excited, but will definitely be glad to be home and settled back in for a while in a couple weeks.
Mike is going with me the first week, then flies straight to Vegas from Sydney, and then onto Detroit for a week of work. We both get back on the same day. Being gone two weeks, we weren't sure what to do with Milly, and then his Mom and Paul offered to keep her. They already have a dog, two fenced-in acres for beagle frolicking, and nephews around to tucker her out... such a godsend! So we took Milly to Indiana over Labor Day weekend. It was so hard to leave her, I totally cried as we pulled out of the driveway and I saw my puppeh at the window whining and crying to go with us. And now back at home Mike and I constantly talk about that silly dog. Seems like no matter how much work Milly is, she has made us even more of a family, and we miss her like CRAZY!
Regardless, we'll have a great time in Australia, and I'm sure we'll be a little less mopey about Milly once we're in a hotel room far away and not being reminded of her by her hallway empty and toys strewn about.