Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well I'm here in Sydney and just slightly worse for the wear. Somehow I managed to use the time-change to change my habits: instead of rolling out of bed around 7:30, I've been waking up at 6 and relaxing in the morning. One morning I even got out of bed and worked out, but I haven't been able to give up the time with Mike the last couple of mornings. It's fun to just lay in bed and watch the Discovery channel!

Here's a quick rundown of how the trip has gone:

Thursday Chicago 5PM - departed. We landed in LA around 7:30 LA time, and proceeded to sit at the bar and make fun of some guy in the bar for a couple solid hours before we departed for Sydney. Our flight to Australia left LA around 10:30 LA time... I was in business, Hubs was in coach. I felt bad for him, but we didn't switch back and forth like I'd planned - I slept a bunch and by the time I woke up and was going to swap there were only like 4 hours left in the flight. Sorry Hubs, I am a bad wife! I sat next to some chick on that flight that was moving to Sydney so her daughter could go to a performing arts high school... her ex had bought her a three bedroom condo overlooking the Opera House. I considered asking how it felt to wipe your butt with $100 bills but decided against it.

We arrived in Sydney, went through customs with no questions asked (my boss was asked if he had golf shoes or beef jerky... he was like "How did that chick know I like to golf and eat beef jerky!?!?") and grabbed a cab to downtown. Luckily we could check into our hotel early... by that time it was 8AM Saturday in Sydney. We unpacked and took a short nap, then showered and headed to the Rocks area for lunch. We hit up a little pizza place right by the Circular Quay and then meandered around a really cool street market where we purchased boomerangs for the older nephews and stuffed kangaroos for the 2 year old nephew and Gracie.

We headed back to the hotel to relax a bit, and fell asleep. I woke up at 10:00 PM, shaking Mike awake, a little panicky that we'd totally messed up our time change. I made him get up and go to McDonald's with me, scared that if we didn't get something to eat we'd wake up at 3:00AM starving with nowhere to eat!

The next morning I woke up at 4AM, so I definitely didn't do as smooth of a time change as I did the time we were here before. Oops. Hubs and I watched TV and then walked around downtown waiting for Starbucks to open. Another nap, then we headed for lunch at the Rocks again at a little cafe. After that we hit up Darling Harbor and the Aquarium, which was pretty cool. I don't know if it was $32 worth of cool, but they had a couple tanks where there were tunnels through the bottom that you could walk through and see the sharks swimming RIGHT over your head. That was kinda freaky!

We headed back to the hotel to clean up for dinner at a nearby Malaysian/Italian place (yeah, it was as weird as it sounds), then headed home for an early bedtime.... the weekend went by so fast with all the sleeeeeeeping!


Toolio said...

"I considered asking how it felt to wipe your butt with $100 bills but decided against it." - That made me laugh out loud at my desk! AWESOME!

Kevin said...

That comment is the highlight of my day so far too!