Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Points to ponder from Australia

  • NOT a good idea: Buying brand new high heels before going somewhere where you walk a lot and need to wear nice shoes, and then ONLY bringing those as nice shoes. I was under the impression that Cole Haan heels were super comfy - but that must just be their NikeAir line! Ow, ow, ow. But they are the cutest pair of shoes EVER
  • China jasmine tea is very yummy and good-smelling, but sounds like a lady who works a pole for a living. China Jasmine.
  • A lot of the bars here, you have to order food and drinks at the bar and you don't have a waitress. I'll be far more appreciative of someone bringing my stuff to my table once I get back to the states!
  • I'm in the bathroom at a local pub on Friday night and hear a familiar accent. I turn around and ask the two girls behind me where they are from. "I'M FROM AMERICA!" one screams. Shaking my head, I say "Yeah, I know. Me too. What part?" What I wanted to say was "Please don't talk to anyone else while you're here, you're giving us all a bad name"
  • Darren and I got hokey pokey ice cream last night. The waitress told us it was vanilla with caramel ribbons, but really the ribbons were honey. So we walked around Darling harbor eating our ice cream and I turned myself around when I said "Hokey pokey" :)
  • We had dinner at Cafe Sydney on Thursday night. Amazing view and amazing food! I would highly recommend!!