Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Can I have a full-body transplant?

So I never did mention the ONLY bad part about Italy. On our only full day in Capri, I woke up covered in hives. It was crazy, and totally odd. And itchy. I had to walk into a pharmacy and point to the hives covering my arm to get something to put on them. And even with the cream the crazy Italian pharmacist gave me (which could have totally been for athlete's foot, for all I know... the box was in Italian!) they were super itchy.

The same thing happened when I got back from Australia. I don't think I have any food allergies, I just think my body may be going on full-on revolt when faced with such a major time change and change of routine.

Oh and you know what the doctor says when you go for hives (this after the Australian trip)... "Yup, that's hives. No way to know exactly what caused them. But you can put some Benadryl cream on them and they should go away in a few days." Uh, thanks, modern medicine? And for this I had a copay of $35, not to mention my insurance probably paid like $200.

Is it even possible that they were caused by the time change? I don't know. But coming from the only person over 4 to have croup, like, EVER, maybe. Who knows, right?


zoot said...

In college I broke out in hives after any stressful trigger. Like exams, presentations, or my favorite: meeting my then-boyfriend's (now-husband's) parents. Because nothing says "Love me!" like being covered in welts.

Bayjb said...

Holy cow, hives? Is it something with the weather possibly, like strong weather changes? Or is it something you ate? That's so weird.

MonkeyBusiness said...

I doubt it was something I ate... although in Capri I did have this pesto pasta that had about one of everything thrown in the blender from the looks of it. But the fact that both were right after major time changes makes me wonder if my body just hates me.

It doesn't happen after any other kind of stress though! Holy cow, Zoot, that would stink. At least it all turned out OK with the meeting the boyfriend/husband's parents!

Anonymous said...

I got the same thing all over my neck the last time I flew, but it was only a two hour flight. All my Doc said was Benadryl cream too. And it doesn't really help that much! Bummer!