Thursday, July 16, 2009

Katie's bachelorette festivities

So Katie's bachelorette party went very very well. I only hope ALL the girls had as much fun as I did. By the looks of it, I'm pretty sure they did!

I had booked a hotel room in downtown Indy for a really great price on Woot! I knew we wanted a big suite, and I knew we could at least guarantee a suite while booking at Embassy Suites (since that's all they have). I had the option at booking to get a corner executive suite for $10 more, which ended up being the best idea ever. Let's just say the room was as big as the entire first floor of my condo, if not slightly bigger. We had two double beds in the bedroom and then this massive living room with pullout couch and plenty of room to toss down the queensize air mattress I'd toted along. There were 7 of us, so it ending up being just PERFECT.

Additionally, I'd been to another bachelorette party in downtown Indy where we'd had dinner at Buca di Beppo and that had been really nice. Buca is super reasonable in price, very good, and super laidback but still a nice restaurant. And it was across the street from our hotel. Score. We ended up walking just a block or two in between stops, and the location of the hotel near the restaurant and bars ended up being super key.

So we all met up around 3:30, and proceeded to get settled and decide what to wear. Of course we had to dress Katie up:
Then we started the festivities around 5, with a questionnaire about Katie and Drew (where did they meet, first date, cute stuff like that). Casey lost and had to sport Ye Ol Ball & Chain! We all got a good hearty laugh out of that one.

Then we did presents. Katie opened them up and modelled some of them for us. This scarf was a fave.
One of the presents was masks with feathers and names for each girl. Katie passed them out and we took some pics. I was "Wild".... hahaha...
And of course we ALL had to take pics with Katie.... in all kinds of configurations. Here she is with her Eville gals.
Family pic! Kim (my brother's girlfriend), Katie and I. Katie and I love Kimmy and tell Jay if they would have ever broken up, the girl he dated subsequently would have had a rough time of it trying to get us to like her! (as an aside, when I tried on this dress for Mike he made a face as if he wanted to puke. Guess he didn't like it.... oh well!)
Then we took off for dinner at Buca di Beppo. On the way, Katie shows of her guns. Which way to the beach?
After Buca, we had a ton of time before Howl at the Moon, so we headed back to the hotel for a few drinks and made Katie pose with the cake we kept forgetting to eat (chocolate fudge with raspberry buttercream made from scratch!)
At Howl, they showed us to our table and we got Katie to bust a few moves.
And I bought the two whiteboards up front. Jay tipped me off that you could do this, and he told me to put one of Katie's friend's phone numbers up there and say she was looking for a good time. Instead, I did this. The one on the left is what Katie said after going to Howl at the Moon for the first time. The one on the right was my gift to Jay, and it stayed up there the whole time we were there, until around 11:30. He got about 42 missed calls in half an hour, so classic.
Our table reservation came with a free shot for the bride, but I think it was mostly whipped cream since it was a jell-o shot. Oh well.
And then the piano players got the brides up on stage and sang to them. No one could believe Katie has a little baby, look how tiny she is!
We headed to another bar where we got Katie dancing a little more...
And played the Bachelorette Truth or Dare game. This guy let us draw a tattoo on his back!
Finally we ended the night with my favorite pizza. Of course. I can't be in Indiana and NOT have some!
Good times, girls! Thank you so much for all the fun and laughter, the night was great!


Kara said...

That is so funny that you put Jay's cell # on the whiteboard! HAHA!

erin said...

cracking up too about jay's number on the whiteboard.

p.s. ape, you look like a mini-gayle in that pic of you, katie, and kim.