Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had a BUSY weekend. Check out all we did:
  • Thursday we headed to Friar Tuck's for the annual actuary night. It was so fun, and we got to hear lots of people rock out to karoke. Jay sang "Don't you want me" and Smiller sang some Michael Jackson and they both went for broke on them - just belting out the tunes. It was great, although I cannot leave out that I am WAY disappointed that CFunk has retired "Kung Fu Fighting" from his karoke repertoire. So disappointing. The best story of the night was that when standing waiting in the bathroom, the girl behind me in line asked a couple other girls if we were there for a party. The other girls replied "Yeah, it's actuaries, you know, they do math." First Girl goes "Meth? That is REALLY GROSS." Other girls replied "NO, MATH. Like, Mathematics!"... if possible the first girl looked even more disgusted knowing that they did MATH and not METH. I just burst out laughing.
  • On Friday we headed to Steve Miller Band at Ravinia. It was tons of fun even if we got there 2 hours prior and couldn't find anywhere to sit other than behind some tents in the back of the park. I guess the gates open at 4 and you kind of have to be there then? What? Strange... but yet it was a good time. Everyone brought a sandwich and then a side. I brought Dixon Family Taco Dip (thanks for the recipe, Dort!) and it was gooooood. I'm still working on eating it. And the sandwiches I brought Mike and I were goat cheese, olive oil, proscuitto, salami, and fresh basil on a whole wheat baguette. I was going for the gold on that one or something!
  • Saturday AM we got up and hit the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was cool to see all the movie props, but as my friend Amy said, it was a bit disappointing to see Hermione's pinkish-purple dress from HP4 and realize I wouldn't even be able to fit a thigh in it. Holy cow, that chick is small.
  • On the way home from the Museum, Mike and I stopped in at Chili's to get carryout. Then we got stuck in some major traffic on the way home as the red line of the El had some trash fire in the tunnel. There were cops and fire trucks blocking off the whole red line route, and black smoke billowing from the air ducts along the way. Crazy!
  • After a long nap at home, we decided to get going and take Milly to the Sheffield Garden Walk. We got down there and started to go in - then realized that the sign in front said "Please no pets." BOO. Not beagle-friendly! So we turned around and went home, stopping at the "Wiggly Field" dog park on Sheffield on the way home. I was pretty disappointed b.c I was looking forward to seeing my girls at the street festival. And then at the dog park Milly was a total shy-guy, running to hide behind us when any of the other dogs wanted to play. She was being so weird!
  • For dinner we hit up Cafe Babareeba with my brother Jay and his girlfriend Kim, and some other friends Kelsey and Rachel. It was Rachel's bday and her fam is friends with ours from Evansville, so it was definitely good to see her. And I have to say the seared scallops were excellent as always! I love that restaurant.
  • Sunday we headed to Kenosha to see Mike's dad, his stepmom, his two sisters, and nephew. It was a good time, walking around the Kenosha art fair and shooting the breeze with the fam. His Dad grilled up a massive feast and we all ate until we could hardly move anymore. I hadn't had french onion dip in a long time and it was sooooo yummy. Plus I finally found someone who could properly burn a hot dog for me (I don't think Mike was taking me seriously when I say I like them charred.... they always come back only slightly burnt!)
After all that, we were pretty beat when we got home on Sunday. We have so many fun weekends coming up, but I'm starting to really need some downtime! I guess that'll come when it's cold out, eh?

As a random aside, is anyone watching this MTV show "16 and Pregnant"? I am finding it massively addicting and it's far better put-together than a show I would expect to be airing on MTV!


Mich said...

YES! I have watched every dang episode of that show. For the finale last week (the one where they gave the baby up for adpotion) my friend Kathryn and I talked Andy into watching it with us - he only agreed if we would turn it into a drinking game. So, everytime they said "baby" we were to drink. Turns out the episode was really sad and I cried my eyes out...and never drank - he did though!

Bayjb said...

Wow that is a serious weekend. Sounds like so much fun. Um actuary night?