Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This weekend was so fun! I still need to recap it, b.c we have tons of fun pictures from Katie's bachelorette party, but let's just summarize it by saying I can totally not hang with the 24 year olds. I had fun, but I think I am still recovering. My 29 year old liver called Uncle about halfway through the party.... regardless, it was one of the most fun nights/parties ever!

On Sunday we got to visit with Baby Gracie and my sis and her fiance Drew a bit. Gracie is getting to be SUCH a big girl. We got her to say Jay-Jay, which made Uncle Jay very very happy.

She's a Mama's girl

She can feed herself Tater Tots (yum, Sonic!)

Holy crap, she can stand up unassisted (and can crawl like lightning!) Katie, your days are numbered!
She can smack you in the face with her bear

She's already loving the mardi gras beads. Watch out!

She loves her little rocking chair

This is my favorite shot, though. OMGWTHBBQ! So freaking cute!

I got some good shots even though I'd left my Uber-low-light lens at home. Shouldn't do that!

More on the bachelorette festivities to come! I've been busy trying to clean/get the condo in order after the carpeting guys did their thing. After all the dog hair the vacuum got off the couch last night, I'm surprised Milly isn't bald.


Mich said...

whoa, when did that little peanut become such a big girl? She is a really sweet.