Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Great weekend

Before I post anything about the 4th of July as a whole, I just wanted to show you how neglected Milly was all weekend. She got basically no attention.

Yeah. I think she's wondering where her fan club has run off to.

On Saturday morning (6:00 AM, beagle, c'mon) we woke up to a major stench in our room. Mike was like "woo! the dog is smelly! gross beagle farts!" I was like "that is awful.... are you sure it's not poop?" Mike peeked into her crate and sure enough, it was a lot of poop. Somehow she didn't get it on herself, which is miraculous. So at 6AM we're out in the front yard of our friends' lakehouse, hosing off her bed. Awesome. Mike gets that done, and we start to go back inside when she starts urping like she's going to puke. We rush her back out to the front yard where she throws up. Another awesome.

Later I'm relating this story to someone and they are like "I only gave her one cheese kong".... I realize I gave her one, and someone else might have.... I guess I would get sick too, if I ate a half can of easy cheese. Not to mention all the scraps I'm sure she was begging off of people all night long. That Sad Dog Face is a real piece of work (and effective).

We had so much fun this weekend, but being back home and into the swing of things (on straight up dog food) is not so bad either. But Milly sure does miss all her new friends!


Bayjb said...

Wow your dog is so unloved. How do she survive? :) Kidding. Let's definitely get together soon! The 19th should work