Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Planes, trains, and automobiles!

We joked that during the trip we used about every form of transportation available when. Dad kept a list of the ways we got around on the trip:
  • Van
  • Plane
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Water taxi
  • Gondola
  • Water bus
  • Subway
  • Hired car
  • Ferry
  • Open air taxi (Capri)
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Boat
  • Funicolare (Cable car!)
With all the random modes of transportation, I was shocked that we got around so well without major snafus.... but we did have one!

We got on the train from Naples to Florence to make our way to the Tuscany wine region, and several people claimed to have our set of seats (two sets of two people each, to be exact). We were joking around, going "sucks for them! the train people must have oversold this car somehow!" Then the conductor comes back and is like, "Your ticket is for tomorrow. You need to get off, the train leaves in one minute." So we hurriedly grabbed all our stuff and hauled a$$ to get off the train. Before we'd gotten on we had had to walk all the way down the platform to get on the very last train car and Dad had remarked that at least we would be the first off the train. After we got booted off Mike turned to him and said "You were right, we were the first ones off the train!" and they both starting CRACKING UP as the train is pulling away and I am thinking we're stuck in Naples for the night. I was like "Not funny yet, guys! Not funny yet!"

We ended up being able to get on the subsequent train which was only an hour later - as snafus go this one was pretty painless. And now that we got safely to Greve and are back home all in one piece it's funny and a good story!