Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 12 - Last day in Greve

On the last day in Greve, Mike and I decided we didn't want to repeat the awkward wine tasting experience of the first day, so when Dad started discussing plans we told them that they could go explore, but we were exploring the pool that day. We took an extra long morning nap after breakfast, then headed to lunch.

We got lunch at a cute little place on the square. Mike got gorgonzola gnocchi (they were tiny pillowy spheres and so yummy) and I got some spaghetti arrabiatta. Spicy! Afterwards we walked around the square, I took some pics, and got some gelato.

We were out sunning ourselves by the pool when Dad came over and told us he had a plan. We had 7:30 dinner reservations in Lamole again, did we want to go see a small town they'd seen that afternoon and have a few drinks there? Mom mentioned they had a handbag outlet, and I quickly answered that the plan sounded great!

We stopped to take a picture of this castle on a hillside on the way to Radda. So pretty.
The town of Radda is built on the top of a hill with two layers of mighty fortress walls. The guys were pretty impressed with the warring possibilities.

After checking out the handbag outlet (and scoring a bright pink bag for myself and a white one for my brother's girlfriend Kimmy), we had a few beers on a nearby bar patio. We went inside to order beers. "Cuatro birras," I said, holding up four fingers. The guy held up a pint glass and asked me, in perfect English, "You want pints?" I laughed and said Sure! He repeated "Sure!" in a peppy voice. Then I said "Okee dokee!" which he also repeated in his best sorority girl voice again. I laughed and he said he'd bring them out to the patio. Score.

Beagle! I was beagle-missing for sure by this time.
After drinks we walked around and took some more pics of Radda.

Then headed to Lamole, where it looked like a storm was blowing in.

We headed back to Greve after another amazing meal and gorgeous sunset, with the satisfaction of consuming almost every dish on the menu (in our 3 meals there).


Bayjb said...

All of your posts about your trip have been amazing! What a great time and experience.