Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 8 - Capri

The pictures I've been posting are the low-resolution versions of what I actually took so I don't kill the blog. The big guys are located here for Day 8:

On our only full day in Capri, we woke up rather late. I ate leftover pizza from dinner the night before for breakfast, allowing myself to have a diet coke from the mini fridge. After a bit of laying by the pool, we decided to head down to the port, grab some lunch, and rent a boat to tour around the island. It was super reasonable, only 80 euro (100 dollars or so?) for 2 hours. The thing sounded like a lawnmower, but we had an awesome time taking in the views. I tried (mostly successfully) to keep the camera out of the ocean spray, and took a ton of pics while sunning on the front of the boat.

The boys climbed up into this cave thingy, and hollered at us from inside

There was a freaking HOUSE built on the top of this cave opening. Crazy.
That is our hotel, yellow with the blue awnings!

After the boat ride we took a cable car (funicolare!) to the top of the island, to the tiny piazza in the middle of the small town.
This is the view from the top of the island/hill - where the piazza is
Once in the piazza we got settled and had a little happy hour
I think we might have also seen Michael Jackson?
After happy hour, we went back to the hotel, took a nap. Then we had another happy hour and dinner.
I could get used to island life!!


Toolio said...

Keep the updates coming! They are awesome!

Mich said...

The lawnmower engine boat was a great idea - I love the pics from the water.