Monday, June 22, 2009

Days 13 and 14 - Florence & Milan Airport Hotel

On Day 13, we had a 3ish train out of Florence back to Milan. We decided to head into Florence a bit early to check out the David. Dad reserved tickets online for 11:00 so we headed in a couple hours earlier than that (Greve was about 30 km outside of Florence. On the way there I documented a few Italian street signs. Love the exclamation point.
We drove around Florence trying to find the museum and parking for like an hour. There were lots of scooters!

Finally we found parking and made our way to the museum. Right after I took this picture Mike pointed to the sign on the wall that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY." I am such a rule-follower I actually was like "should I delete those pictures?!!" Then thought... nah!
After the David we moseyed around and checked out a little town square market.

We grabbed lunch at McDonald's (did you know Italian McD's totally have curly fries? They are delish.)
Mike and I had originally intended to head into Milan the last day, but after getting from downtown to the hotel took an hour-long bus ride to the airport and then an airport shuttle to the hotel, we decided that a two hour commute to walk around another city was unnecessary. So we stayed at our hotel, laid by the pool, and drank some chianti.
It was a good day. A great day to the end of a really awesome trip.