Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today is the day....

...that I have been looking forward to since almost New Year's. My little brother Jay is flying up (I am praying to the sweet, sweet Baby Jesus that his flight is on time) and we are kicking off the St. Patty's Day Fun with the IU game. Tomorrow we are up bright and early to watch all the games. Let me just lay it out there: Mike and Jay will be there to watch the games with and there are no other two people I would rather have by my side at a sporting event. Mike explains everything tirelessly (although I am pretty good with the basketball knowledge by now.... oh how far I have come from "Tom Coverdale is such a jerk, he never lets any of the other guys bring the ball down the court!!!") and Jay is always good for random comments, heckling, and IU comradery. Katie is cool, but she's more into the gossip, dancing to ghetto music, and social interaction than sporting-event smack-talk and screaming "DEAR LORD why can't the guy in the red outfit just making a freaking shot already?!?!?!"


In other news, today is Jay's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Jaybird!! 25! I know we made a hella big deal out of Katie last year and I feel like we totally neglected your birthday. But this year is your year, baby, Katie turns 22 and that is NO FUN at all. So this is your BIG-BIRTHDAY-CELEBRATION-in-Chicago weekend. I even made two sets of cupcakes, brownies, and oatmeal cookies. Get ready to eat plenty of snacks, houseguests.

An advance apology:
To Jay and Katie, I apologize for an extremely lame round of birthday presents this year. You each only get a 20 spot for your birthday, as I am broke as hell.
Love, Your Big Sister

Mike pretends to push Jay from the lookout point on Mackinaw Island