Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Katie!!

Today is my little sister's 22nd birthday. Man, saying that makes me feel so old!

Katie is one of my nearest and dearest friends, and although sometimes I luuuuuurve to call her out and be a bossy-a$$ older sister, I hope she knows that I love her more than a fat kid loves cake!
Some of my other friends do this thing "Ten things I like about so-and-so" on each person in the group's b-day (They actualy stand around and each person names off something they like about the birthday girl or boy), and I'm going to start doing it now!

Ten things I like about Katie:
  1. Katie loves the hell out of everyone in her life, regardless if they deserve it or not
  2. Katie loves the ghetto. I can always count on her to accompany me to a Kanye concert
  3. Katie wears my clothes. I love it when other people like your clothes enough to actually borrow them
  4. Katie has the prettiest hair and eyes. She hates her hair, but I think it's great.
  5. Katie is a great eyebrow-plucker. She does my eyebrows when I see her.
  6. Katie says things like "Playing the tambourine is exhilirating!" or "Oh, no, she diiiiin't!"
  7. Katie has a job where she helps people everyday and loves contributing to society like that.
  8. Katie is not the kind of girl to turn down a cupcake
  9. Katie enjoys the both the fun of a night out on the town and a night in watching movies
  10. Katie is the best sister EVER