Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 12

On Monday night, I drove down to Indy to be with my family for my Dad's surgery on Tuesday. On the way, I am thinking "Aw, hell, I didn't take a picture today. I should just take a picture of 65, since I feel like half of my life is spent traversing this freaking highway." So I did: It's a little blue, but allright for driving on a highway at dusk. Then, right as I was taking this picture, this cop flies by me, doing what had to be far over the speed limit. I got a nice little shot of him flying past me. Am I the only one that is terrified of getting pulled over, even if you are doing the customary 5-7 miles over the speed limit? Everytime a cop goes past me, my stomache does flip-flops thinking of getting a ticket and having to pay for it.... I guess I would rather just spend my money on cute shoes. Which is not so wrong, eh?