Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 13

On Tuesday, my Dad had heart surgery, and had a device put in his heart to close a hole between his two ventricles... the cool thing was that they went in through a vein in his leg instead of opening up his chest. It's a very interesting medical procedure, and they had to travel to Saint Vincent's in Indy because the procedure is not conducted in Evansville. It all went really well and it was good, as always, to spend time with my family. It was really hard to see them wheeling my Dad away to surgery without any of us to go with him, though.

Dad hams it up for the camera before the surgery

The surgery board! Just like on Grey's Anatomy but with less stuff on it!

Jay pops a wheelie in Grandma's wheelchair
The sibs pose with Dad... we were all hella relieved it went well!!