Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Man, last week just flew by! I can't believe how fast it went.

Here's the resolution recap:
  • Gym - I went once last week. It was early in the week, and all week I was like "this recap is gonna rock. I am going to say that I didn't go once... I went four times!" Alas, my best-laid plans did not work out and I went only once. But I was so sore that it was hard to walk around. Does that count double?
  • Drinking - I didn't really drink AT ALL last week. I had one beer at dinner on Friday (we got some Pequod's pizza, yum!) and a couple glasses of wine with Mike and my friend Beth on Saturday. But it was a nice good weekend in, which I totally needed.
  • FBomb - Mike says that this week was "pretty good" although he did notice me put in the s-word somewhere where it was completely NOT needed last night when discussing a subject I became all fired up about and thought "Oy, we still have some work to do!" Hey now, I didn't say I was working on that word too!

On Friday we saw "Charlie Wilson's War" which I thought was good and entertaining. I enjoyed it. There were some great one liners "That's why you're the Press Secretary, Boo-Boo!!!" and the overall story was very enlightening and cool about things that were going on in the 80's that I obviously had NO idea about. So that was pretty cool, plus I dig Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts (even though I don't know how great the role was for her, she played it well).

Oh and no picture this week. I have been straight up awful about taking pictures, I think I have been straight up revelling in the not-having-to-take-pics-every-day freedom. I'll get back on the horse sooner or later.