Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Wednesday

It's bullet-point Wednesday!
  • Is anyone else loving Cashmere Mafia? It's not deep by any means, but it's entertaining. Just me then? Mmmm'kay
  • Sometimes I wonder if I say curse words when I don't even realize it. Kind of how I grind my teeth in the night.
  • I am really really sick of these doomsday CTA/Metra/PACE threats. If we don't get more funds then fares are $3 each way! And 50 routes get cut! Oh surprise, at the last minute the state legislature comes through with Magic Money. Where does this magic money come from and why can't they just fund the CTA to begin with?
  • My group at work laughed at me when I told them my New Year's resolutions. I think they may be a leeeetle ridiculous. Oh well.

OK time to go to bed!