Monday, January 07, 2008

Resolutions, Best Shot Monday

Here is the picture of the week, which isn't that good since I haven't been taking many pictures this week. We just recently (yesterday) returned the condo to it's pre-New-Year's-Eve-debauchery state. Thank goodness, because just thinking about all those red rug babies tracked throughout the whole place was driving me crazy one red rug baby at a time. Oh, and Blue Guy - wash your brand-new dark jeans before you go to someone's party and rub up against every single wall next time. If it weren't for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (please be sold forever, and ever, Amen) I would track you down and hurt you.

Resolution Tally:

1. Gym - Went once, on Friday night
2. Drinking - One late night out. Friday we went out to dinner with friends (3.25 beers) and tonight I went out for Emily's b-day and the OSU vs. LSU game and I had 1.5 beers (half of a 32 oz beer)
3. Cursing - I think I'm doing better. But no quote from the Hubs, as he is watching the OSU/LSU game still. But I do know that I said it 5 times on Saturday night which I think is pretty darn good for me!

Oh and I guess I did have another fun shot or two from Emily's bday party on Saturday:

Sarvesh clowns with a fake gun the bouncer lent us

Jaci, Em, Me, and Choater!

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!