Thursday, January 03, 2008


I have been trying to think of what to do with this here little website now that the year of Project 365 (take a picture a day, everyday) is over. I think I will keep it, it has been such fun to keep track of my life in this manner, and it really keeps some of my family updated on my life. So I think I’ll keep it, but you’ll probably see less of the dumb mundane posts of the week. You know those posts that are along the lines of “I did nothing but work today, here is a pic of the Lean Cuisine I had for dinner” (although who am I kidding, if I have a Lean Cuisine for dinner I also have a side of taco dip, corn dog, and Colby jack cheese). But I will try to post a couple times a week at least.

Another thing I have also been thinking about is New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like there are a few things that I need to do in order to become a better person. But I think the overall theme of these resolutions is “Aim Low.” Nevertheless, here they are:

  • Gym – Work out once a week. This one is pretty straightforward and will probably pain me immeasurably all the way until Valentine’s Day (when all the resolutioners give up and go home).
  • Drinking – Cut down to only once a week, with the exception of Special Occasions. Special Occasions are determined by me and only me and may include, but are not limited to: St Patty’s Day, Cubs Game, birthday, president’s day, Wednesday, etc. This would also not apply to date nights where I have one glass of wine, but more to the drinking nights that precur stumbling into Taco Burrito Place Los Tres Panchos and ordering one of everything they’ve got. You know the type of evening I’m looking at.
  • Cursing – As I said in my 2007 survey, I curse entirely too much. I figure I better cut down on that habit WAY before I have a little mini Mike to follow me around parroting words like &^*^R%^&% (don’t get any ideas anybody, we’re not having kids anytime soon. I’m still in the “I want a puppy but don’t want to clean up after it or take it outside to go or actually have a dog a few months later” phase). But in order to make that a habit, I need to start now. In keeping with the Aim Low portion of the resolutions, I am going to try and eliminate only the F-bomb from my vocabulary by December 31, 2008. This would have one exception – the WTF? Expression, When Really Royally Pissed, times that my girlfriends would call The Wrath. I anticipate that this will make Hubs very happy, and possibly earn me more snuggle time on the couch (as he hates my filthy sailor mouth).

I feel like I should put something regarding eating in there too, but the Aim Low goal allows me not to. Perhaps I’ll think of something later that I could fit in as well.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a weekly recap or something to let you know how I do on these. Wish me luck, the cursing one is going to be a b*tch. Haha, good thing it's only the F-word I'm after.


Toolio said...

Good luck! I love that Wednesday falls under special occasions!