Monday, April 30, 2007

April 29

Holy cow, today was a BUSY day. I also spent, like, a million gajillion dollars. Here is what I bought:
  • Rehearsal Dinner Dress from Anthropolgie
  • Dressy Spring jacket (Michael Kors at Nordstrom Rack. Awesome.)
  • Outlet Mall stuff including new Coach wallet, sunglasses, and all kinds of clothes (As a sidenote, Beth is one of the best shopping partners of all time. She's totally just like me - go in, look around, don't waste time, try on and get out. Power shopper extraordinaire.)

So yeah, I spent alot of money, but I have summer clothes and the four big ticket items that I wanted purchased. Let summer begin!

Mike and I also had lunch at Harmony Grill with his Dad, stepmom Vicki, sister Andrea, and cousin Shelly. That was fun, and we walked all over Wrigley and then drove downtown to see his other sister Ashlee at work. We were going to take our engagement pictures and set off from Washington and State to walk to the Museum Campus. By the time we got to Lakeshore, Mike was sweaty and grouchy, I was sweaty and my hair looked awful, and we were both just ready to throw in the towel. So we decided to go home. But not before we got this one, which I love:
We've made another date in a few weeks to try to take more at the Museum Campus, so hopefully those will turn out well.