Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17

Do you ever wish that you had an internal camera? Something to store an image just the way you see it, or to take a picture that is available NOW and not five seconds from now when you can fumble your camera out of your purse, or when you want to inconspicuously take a picture without being noticed? I do that all the time - mostly on the El or around the city when I see people in particularly horrendous outfits, or when I'm driving or on the bus and see something beautiful.

Anyways, this morning, we were driving to work and we saw a bright spot on Lake Michigan. The morning was a bit overcast and there was one spot where the sun had broken through the clouds and it looked like the kind of sunbeams that you imagine with angels, or something. But it was really beautiful. I don't think my photography skillz would have done it justice regardless, so it's probably better I didn't try and get a pic of it. The skillz would not have done justice to the 100% pleather outfit I saw out on the street either, but that's neither here nor there.

So THAT is my picture of the day. While I didn't capture it digitally, I did capture it in my head. And it was more beautiful than anything else I saw today, so it wins!


Zachary said...

haha! love it!!