Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So how's that going?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do some things to bolster spirits and make me feel better. Here's an update as to how that's going:
  • Exercise: Yoga - I've been going at least once, maybe twice a week. And so far I like it! I have been going downtown during lunch mostly but still want to try a yoga basics class on Sunday in the Gold Coast. It's so hard to make it out of the house at 10:30 AM on a Sunday though!! Lifting: I've also been lifting with Michelle every Tuesday night. Running: I have gone for about two runs a week. I'm doing the Couch to 5K program on my iphone and am going to run the JP Chase Corporate Challenge at the end of May.
  • Photography class - I've signed up and it starts April 18th. I am so excited!
  • Take other steps to mitigate stress - I've started seeing an acupuncturist and left open a few open weekends to take a beat and hang out.
  • Healthier eating - I think I've been doing pretty good at this! I have been making big healthy meals and eating them during the week. I am currently in love with the mushroom barley soup that is this week's selection... so yummy. The thing about this one is that I know exactly what I should eat (salads, yummy whole foods) and what I shouldn't (cookie dough straight from the mixing bowl) but the execution can be rather shaky. I haven't been awesome lately but I haven't been awful. I big component of that is eating at home more than eating out - which we did all three nights this weekend! I was so proud of us!
Honestly I have felt a ton better but a good portion of that I attribute to the fact that we've gotten some sunshine! It's feels so good to know spring is here and good weather is just around the corner. The month of April is pretty temperamental in Chicago, but with Hubs home (he comes home from Detroit for good next week) I think I can handle it!


Toolio said...

Know what to eat but execution is shaky. Sounds like my play book!!

Hi! I'm Erin said...

Eating at home is definitely a key to eating better!

Where do you do your yoga downtown? Apparently there's a place in my building called Yoga Lunch but I don't know anything about it. I'm not a huge fan of yoga but I know it's good for me.

MonkeyBusiness said...

Erin, I've been going to FFC union station. Does your gym membership include all the FFCs? If so, you should come with me sometime!

Bayjb said...

That's great about the photography classes! Where are you taking them?

Mich said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty darn well if you ask me!!