Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Monday

Whew! I feel better just unloading in that last post. Sometimes it takes some courage to get things out there. But sometimes getting things out there makes them better already.

I went to my first yoga class last week and spent the weekend laying around, accomplishing some chores, and trying (and failing) to kick my cold. Somehow I just feel more centered.

Last week I also had some quality girl time, hitting up Perennial with three girlfriends on Monday and Piccolo Sogno with Emily on Thursday. Both were amazing, but the leftovers from Piccolo were extra awesome. My noodles were great at the restaurant, and totally hit the spot again on Friday for lunch when I was home sick.

Speaking of food, check out this week's recipes:
  • I made Thai chicken soup and boy howdy was it tasty.
  • Prosciutto-wrapped pork chops on Saturday was So. Freaking. Good. Don't be stingy with the thyme! I'm sure you thought pork wrapped in pork wouldn't be anything but awesome. It is. Awesome that is.
  • Pot roast yesterday... may tweak the recipe just a bit for the fact that I don't make 4 lb pot roasts.
Man, you'd think it was new recipe November all over again! Yummy!

Maybe I'm in an extra-great mood because we leave Wednesday evening for Tahoe? Probably!!


Bayjb said...

Hey it was good to see you at Piccolo. The food was amazing. Am a big fan of Perennial too. Xoco is up next for us!