Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Millicent the OCD dog

How do people who have had blogs for years remember what they've written about? I feel like some of what I write has to be a repeat and I am nowhere near as prolific as any other blogger.

Have I ever told you how I always sing "Hold me closer, tiny beagle" to the tune of "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John? I am constantly changing up the lyrics. This week it was "Hold me closer, tiny beagle. Please don't drag your nose, you'll huuuuurt it!"

Anyways, this week was a tough Milly week. I think she is (has?) OCD. Is it possible for a dog to be OCD? She touches her nose about a foot from whatever she's playing with, then drags her nose to the thing, touches the item quickly, and repeats ad nausem. This weekend it was a pig ear. She used to play with them for a little, then eat it. But lately she messes with the darn thing for weeks. Oy. So anyways, she hid it between our headboard and mattress, and performed her nose-touch ritual with it. She did it so much that she rubbed her nose raw and it was bleeding! And she didn't stopafter the nose was raw (ow, man, when something HURTS, stop!), so she got blood ALL OVER our bed. All the linens had to be washed. What a pain.

Then on Tuesday I had draped the duvet over a folding table to dry... with part still on the floor because it's huge. Somehow she pulled down the duvet, hid the pig ear under it, and went to town with her nose-touch ritual. Again, blood all over the duvet. I about lost it I was so angry. This time there was so much blood, I wondered how she had any left. She is so tiny! How can that happen and she just keeps on with her little nose ritual?! I guess I should be glad the blood wasn't all over our brand-new carpet.

Maybe loss of blood explains why Milly was nothing short of angelic tonight. She's weirdly intuitive and knows when to give me a break, when I'm at the very end of my rope.... just after I've texted Mike that we're selling her to the gypsies for sure! So after tonight's behavior I suppose we can put off selling her for awhile longer.


Mich said...

I am totally with you - what in the world did I write about before Sam? Even now I try to write about thing other than her and I get stuck.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

Yep, dogs can indeed get a version of OCD. You might want to ask your vet about her behavior. If it's so bad that she's hurting herself they might suggest putting her on some mild anti-anxiety meds. Seems crazy, I know, but I've known plenty of people who had to medicate their pets in such a way.

Anonymous said...

The "nose-touch ritual" as you call it, is instinct. She is trying to bury it. Some dogs do this, mine never have but my brothers dog does it, and yes, his nose bleeds (the dogs, not my brothers). The solution? When you give her something, like a toy or a treat that she tends to want to bury, give her a towel or small blanket as well, so she can bury it, then she will likely stop rubbing her nose raw on the carpet.