Thursday, October 15, 2009


So last night I was getting out of my car at my brother and his girlfriend's apartment, and I had Milly's leash around my neck like a scarf (just draped around my neck, not looped). I started to clip the leash onto Milly's collar and thought for a moment "Maybe I should take the leash off my neck first..." but since I was already at the latching moment, and Milly doesn't hold very still for long, I clipped it on with the next movement planned to be pulling the leash off from around my neck.

You know what happened next right? Milly bolted. Of freaking course. Beagle always be pulling at the end of her leash.

I could feel the leash tightening around my neck fast, and the fabric felt like it was rope-burning me. I swung around to get some slack on my neck, and moved to take the leash off around my neck. As I do so, I completely bashed my head on the open car door. Seeing-stars-hard. At least I followed through with taking the leash off my neck even though I was seeing spots.

So here I am, standing on a sidewalk on Belmont as people walk by, cursing loudly, and realizing that when it comes to premonitions about my dog, I should NOT be lazy and take the right steps. Because it's not so much deja vu, as it is knowing my dog is a total spaz.

Oh and now I have a huge bump on my head (although you may not be able to tell because it is the size of my entire forehead), and it hurts everytime I smooth my bangs to the side. Which is, oh, every 2 seconds.


Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I just wanted to say, I have a beagle and I feel your pain. I used to say when she was a puppy that beagles are so damn cute because its a defense mechanism, if they weren't so cute you'd want to kill them because they're so naughty. Luckily they grown up to be really good dogs.

Anyway, hope your head feels better soon :)

Toolio said...

That sucks! Feel better!