Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Katie and Drew's wedding

I guess I should get off my lazy butt and recap Katie's wedding weekend already!

The weekend of the wedding was so busy... about five minutes after we arrived in Evansville, the boys took off for the bachelor party and my Mom, sister, and I sat down and started doing table tents. Four hours later we were done and the boys were still out drinking, so I bade goodnight to the girls (and Milly) and went to check in at the hotel.

The next morning we were up and at 'em early! I headed to the parents' house to hang out a bit with Milly during a morning conference call, then Katie and I went to get our eyebrows waxed. I'd never had that done before, but it was fun! Good times!! A few more errands and it was time for some mani-pedi action at a salon Katie's future mother in law had reserved for us...
After nails, we all got dressed at our respective houses and then headed to the rehearsal dinner. It was a fast one, and then we went to Turoni's for the rehearsal dinner. The in-laws had ordered like 4 of the "giant" pizzas, which are 29" in diameter. Holy pizza, batman! And lo, it was good.

The next morning, I picked up Katie EARLY and we were off to get our hair done. Then we headed back to the church to get ready in the choir room. Gracie toddled in looking a bit sleepy....
And proceeded to play with Mom's makeup....And distributed some hugs....
Gracie was a bit obsessed with Katie's dress, so Katie tried to put it over her like a tent!

....Much to the chagrin (and shrieking) of Miss Grace.

Instead she just wanted to stand on it... oh well! We took off her shoes though so she wouldn't get it dirty!
Before I knew it, wedding time arrived and we all walked down the aisle and Katie and Drew got married. The fun time arrived, and we all headed to the country club for pictures, dinner and drinks. It was a super fun party, and this may be the BEST picture to come out of it. Ahhh, Jay. Always a good time, little brother. Jay told me later, "I don't understand these people who get drunk and are all WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?! I get drunk and I am AWESOME!"

I also got some fun pics with my Mama!

This is Michael - he is the head of staff out at the country club and is awesome. He ensures that events out there run like a well-oiled machine. He's one of the many reasons why my wedding was super fun, and he is thebombdotcom.
At the end of the night, the guys helped pack up and Jay played DJ for a minute :) A very good and fun night... and I even got some of my favorite wedding cuvee champagne!


Bayjb said...

Looks like a great time. Gracie is so cute!! Love your dress too

Tabatha said...

Katie looked beautiful.....Loved your dress too.
Congrats to Katie and Drew!!!
Gracie is adorable!!

Tabatha said...

oh I forgot to mention Jay....I remember when he was lil he was always the goofy life of the party! So I can just imagine how fun he is now!
PS....Isn't it about time for him to get married now?