Thursday, February 07, 2008

Voting fun

Tuesday Mike and I made our way across the street to the used book store to vote.

The place was a mess.

The guy who checked people in, paged through one whole book before finally realizing that he had the M-Z book and that K would not be in that book. Then he flipped to J in the other book, and started going forward into the alphabet from there. Noticing this, I proclaimed "But K is before J!"

Hubs gives me the raised eyebrow and an eyeball that says "If this is what it's like at every poll, our nation is screwed."

Once I get done voting, I go to put my ballot in the protective/private sleeve and notice that he's given me two - and I wrote on the front of the first and the back of the second. I exclaimed, "Oh no! I have two!" and the guy taking the ballots comes over to "help." He basically tried to take the second ballet from me, and we had a little pulling match over the thing. I kept saying "but I need to transfer my votes from the other one!!!" Finally he just let me transfer the votes and give him the one I wanted voided. What a pain.

Just another day at the polls... and around Chicago.

I also saw some guy at an El station yesterday rolling a joint. How is that for Chicago fun?