Monday, February 04, 2008

February already!

Well, it's been a busy few weeks! Here is the recap:
  • Been to the gym AT LEAST once a week! Holy cow
  • Drinking - OK, but gonna tone it down in the next coupla weeks. Chad was here, after all!
  • F-bomb.... well, let's just say I could improve

And here are some pics from the last coupla weeks!

My car pigs. I got these pigs when I first got the Shadow when I was like 16. And they've been with me ever since, even when I got the Corolla

Will it ever stop snowing? We're supposed to get another 6 inches tomorrow night!

Chad and I visit with Tony at Taco Burrito Place los Tres Panchos. We walked to Durkin's earlier that night and as we passed the taco place, Chad yelled "I will see YOU later!!!"

On Saturday night we all headed to Fogo. This is a shot of our group of 19. We played a game, each throwing in a dollar and hazarding a guess regarding the final tab. And I won! woooo hooooo!!!
Check out the awesome picture the guy took at first. hahaha....
Kimmy, Me, and Jay!