Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 24

My parents have totally remodelled their house since I moved out and got off the gravy train: stripped all the wallpaper off the walls and repainted, new windows, hardwood and tile floors, new furniture... the house looks amazing. I am a big fan of all they have done. There was were a few things that stayed the same, though, and one of those is the logs below. My mom brought back white birch logs from Michigan to put in our fireplace for decoration many moons ago, and the white birch still stays... albeit in a newly purchased and awesomely tiled-in vintage fireplace. It's kind of nice to see a little piece of Michigan and Lark's Lake staying the same in my old home.
Hanging out in Evansville rocks, I had bunches of fun with Mom today wedding-planning and shopping for bargains. ;c)