Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 14

Tonight, Mike and I went to a restaurant down the street called Joey's Brickhouse. It's pretty darn good and has a good atmosphere. The diet went out the window, in celebration of Valentine's day, and we got a cookie sundae. YUM. Not quite Schoolyard Tavern cookie sundae excellence, but close.

This next picture is of the mixing bowl/measuring cup thingy that is currently catching the drip coming from our ceiling. OUR CEILING, onto my crate and barrel rug, that cost me $12.50 a square foot. I hate this apartment building.
When I got home today there was a flier on our front door. "Act as leasing agents for this building!" Basically, they are looking for someone to work for $10 an hour + an extra $50 for each apartment leased, to show prospective renters around our apartment building. At dinner, Mike said, "You know, it would almost be worth it to be a leasing agent, and just tell everyone how much the building sucks. That would rock. AND we would make $10 an hour." Mike is very vengeful today, so watch out for that boy. Oh, and don't walk through the middle of our living room without expecting some raindrops a' fallin' on your head.


Zachary said...

aww sad day!! So, does that mean the ceiling in the living room is on your shitlist too??