Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24

What you say? My posts the days that I work are boring? You would be hard-up for pictures too, if you spent only 20-30 minutes of daylight hours outside, with most of those minutes being spent either waiting for the bus or on the El platform. Maybe I will start taking pictures of the CTA transgression of the day. That would be interesting.Anyways, this here thing is what we at work call "The Vessel" - Is it a vase? OR is it two faces, facing each other? It is supposed to mean something I know, but I forget. Maybe I will remember. But I doubt it. If anyone wants one for their house, I can buy one off the work giftshop website for you!


Zachary said...

i totally see the two faces...the scary thing is i can see the outline of their head past the I seeing ghosts? lol