Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23

State of the Union, with fun captions

Everybody, gettin' their schmooze on.

Everyone, even Dubbya himself, made a big deal about the first "Madame Speaker," which I thought was pretty cool

This is Hillary, right after Bush announced he was going to release a plan to balance the budget within five years. I can see what she's thinking: "Men are such a pain. I had that done six years ago, but nooooo....." Sort of how I feel after I empty the dishwasher and realize Mike has filled the sink with dishes already.

Cheney's thought bubble: "I wonder if I can get some late-night pizza after this? I hope he isn't long. Is that Obama jerk looking at me funny? Why I oughta...." This guy seriously has the best facial expressions EVER. I had one of him giving someone a super-dirty look, but it was blurry. BOO!
Random fact from Tom Brokaw: 2002 Bush approval rating = 84% Today=35%. Wow.

OK, that's all the random political comments of the night! Happy State of the Union!


Zachary said...

i hate you for your hilarious comments and pictures!!! loves <3