Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dumb stuff

Sometimes I think, this thought it too long for a facebook post.  Also, I am probably posting too much on facebook. I should act like I care about facebook a little less.  You know, to not look too eager.  haha.  I wish I had somewhere else to put this drivel.

Oh yes, I have a blog.  I guess.  Kind of.

I've never really been a "blogger".  I'm not a great writer.  I'm not really all that interested in getting out my feelings in other venues other than in a phone call to my Mom or sister.  But whatever, maybe I should write a little bit more.   It was originally a way to keep up with people.  Now that we have Sir, we have less time to keep up but more people that are actually interested in keeping up.  I mean, we are BORING.  But Emmett, he is funny!

Speaking of a funny little man, his talking is going great - I read somewhere that if you say "the car is orange" that kids catch onto colors better than if you say "the orange car", so I've been doing that.  His colors have been taking off!  It's so funny.   He said his first whole sentence last week - "DADDY, WHERE ARRRRRRRRRE YOOOOOOOOU?!!"  He is a total Daddy's boy, he is always so sad when we get home and Mike is in Chicago.  Yesterday I was changing out of my work clothes and Emmett was Johnny on the spot to point out that I had a butt "Butt, butt!" and that the shorts I changed into were pink "PINK BUTT."  Oh my.

Back to the original thought that was too boring and long for facebook - Yesterday my flat iron broke.  SADNESS.  I looked it up to see when I bought it to see if it was still under warranty and realized that I bought it in 2008.  Holy poop.  My flat iron is older than my kid.  Not hard, but still kind of funny.  Also, it only broke b.c I dropped it on the floor and the plate broke off.  So totally my fault.  I'll be buying that EXACT same flat iron again.  Hopefully it lasts four years like its predecessor!

I need to find an app to post straight from my iphone via blogger.  Any recommendations from anyone?


Mich said...

Welcome back - we have missed you around these parts.

I have totally resorted to blogging from my phone (i just use the blogger app).