Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The small delights in life

OK confession time. And this is kind of odd. One of the things I really really enjoy is writing a sternly-worded letter to a manager or customer service representative if I think something sucks or is ridiculous. And yesterday I was able to fulfill just that delight.

I was online, looking at suites for a friend's bachelorette party and found a freaking awesome one at the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. Of course, the suite was about a million dollars (let's agree to not tell actual amounts to protect the innocent and to keep my friends from realizing how much I was planning to spend). At any rate, I thought, "Self. Allowance goes alot farther in Indiana. You have been saving for something fun. You can cover most of the cost and the rest of the girls can chip in the same amount as if we'd gotten a more reasonably priced room. And I bet if you called the hotel, they would cut their rate. Why not give it a go?" So I did. I called the hotel, and they offered me a discount on the spot to book. Just like that, I was getting a two bedroom, lakeview suite at the Trump Tower for, let's just say, only half a million dollars.

I have fond memories of our anniversary at the Trump a couple of years ago. The bath tub was the size of our Corolla and the bathroom had a TV in the mirror. We drank champagne and watched Tommy Boy from the tub. And lo it was awsome. I was suitably stoked about securing an all out baller place to have this shindig.

Don't believe me? Check out these pictures...

Ridiculous no?

As we are wrapping up the phone conversation, the rep says, "OK, so one final thing. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of our Gathering Policy." I reply with no and she says that ONLY the six guests who are registered to the room are allowed to go up to it. That you need to sign in and have key cards and there is a security guy and the works. And the room can have a maximum of six people staying in it.

I'll stop for a minute and let that soak in. Also..... this pic below of a dining room table that seats 8. For a room that is only allowed to have 6 people in it. Because that makes sense.

ANYWAY - I tell her right then and there that we'd better just go ahead and cancel the reservation. Because while we probably will only have about 6 staying there, there was a possibility of having to squeeze in one or two more. And that we'd have more than that for the pre-dinner bachelorette festivities that included snacks and giving our friend some bachelorette gifts and playing of games. So she says ok, cancels the room and gives me a cancellation number. Bummer.

The more I think about it, the more freaking steamed I get. You pay an exorbitant fee for a great hotel room and then you can only have six people, REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY, even enter it. How weird. So I wrote this letter. I doubt I will get a reply. But it was it fun.
From: April
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 1:54 PM
Subject: Manager Question/Complaint

I tried to make a reservation for your 2 bedroom suite with a lake view (at the Chicago location) to the tune of around a half million dollars and the reservations representative asked me if I knew about your "Gathering policy." Apparently, only the 6 registered guests for the room are the only people allowed to access the room at all. As the room was for a celebration for a friend's wedding and we planned on doing gifts and snacks at the hotel prior to going out for dinner and drinks, I had no choice but to cancel.

This seems ridiculous. You charge someone a half million dollars and then treat them as if they are an 18 year old in a college dorm? I was on an academic floor in college and still had a more lenient visitation policy. Is this meant to limit property damage? If I have the means to pay for a hotel room of that amount, I would surely have the means to pay for any damage as a result of having other people in the room. Not to mention that there would be no damage. I would hazard a guess that you don't want parties on your property, but a few extra women in their thirties giving gifts to an engaged friend and eating brie certainly isn't a cause for concern. Your complete and total disregard for your guests in this policy is alarming.

I would really like to touch base with a manager on this policy. It seems completely contrary to the Trump reputation and everything it stands for. However, I was unable to find Manager information (in addition to the "Gathering Policy") published on your website.



So anyways, am I crazy? It is offensive to charge someone out the wazoo for something and then treat them with all the leeway of a middle schooler, no? I just don't get it.

Pics are from the Trump Hotel website


Choater said...

First of all: Holy Blog Change Batman!!

Second: I have a nasty piece of mind to give Barnes and Noble if you'd like to write to them for me. One year of use Nook totally dead and just passed my warranty so they don't care.

Sue said...

LOVE your ranting letter. And my favorite part was you saying that you were going to be eating brie!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear back? Curious to know what their response was!

MonkeyBusiness said...

I did hear back! They offered to let us have 10 in the room, knocked $200 off the price, and comped us a bottle of champagne and a plate of chocolates! and the suite was AMAZING!