Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Napa, Day 2

The name of the game Thursday was to see a ton of wineries, so we packed sandwiches in the morning and headed off to our first winery appointment at 10:15 AM at Cakebread. Brett and Meghan had wanted to hit up this place the last time they were in Napa but never made it. It was such a gorgeous property.
We tasted some whites and some reds and Mike and I decided on a bottle of Cabernet to bring back to Chicago with us. It was so yummy. We got in another group shot as well!
After Cakebread, we headed to Rubicon. We belong to the wine club there, and so do Brett and Meghan so we got a complimentary tour and wine tasting. This place is GORGEOUS and massive and has a long history.

Our tour guide, who was a mix of all the Golden Girls.
On our tour, Jay found an olive tree and picked an olive. He said it was the most disgusting thing he's ever tasted.
After the tour, we had our wine-tasting in the members-only lounge. It was so cool! We love it at Rubicon, and we were the only ones in the members lounge. It was huge and really nice and our serving guy was really friendly and outgoing. We spent alot of time just chatting it up with him and quickly killed the baskets of bread and cheese he brought out for us.
We spent so much time at Rubicon that we were 35 minutes late for our next tasting, at VineCliff. They had set up the tasting in their wine cave, which was a really cool experience.

This is a small boutique winery, and the experience was really personal and fun. Below is a pic of their wine cave from the outside. So cool.
A pic of VineCliff's main sales room... love the ivy.
After Vinecliff, we headed to Mumm Napa. Mike and I didn't have time to hang out there on our honeymoon, so I was excited for this one. We scarfed our sandwiches in the car before heading in, then settled on ordered two bottles of champagne for the table instead of assorted wine flights (it was much cheaper, and we'd had a lot of Mumm bubblies before).
And got some more pics....
After Mumm I think everyone was ready to call it a day but I insisted upon visiting one of my favorites quickly before they closed - St Supery. We used to belong to their wine club and their wines are featured on my favorite TV show How I Met Your Mother.

No pictures from St Supery, but Meghan ended up joining the wine club and everyone had a good tasting. Some guy came up to our server and asked if he could pay for the couple standing next to him down the way. Mike was like "Where is that guy standing? I am going to go hang out with him!" It was funny... everyone laughed and the guy goes "I'm not that generous!" Hilarious.

After the last of five (FIVE! Holy cow!) wineries for the day we headed to the grocery store for things to grill for dinner. I'd like to say that dinner was amazing, but since I fell asleep at 8PM I missed the whole thing. Oops.


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Holy sh*t we went to A LOT of the same places! I loved Mumm, really it was so awesome. I didn't make it to the wine caves though, sadly, next time!