Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday update

I got the neighbor a flowering plant (a yellow heirloom rosebush to be exact). It was $20 and well worth it... I tucked a tiny card into the leaves, put it in front of her door, and ran like hell. It wasn't exactly my best moment, but my horror and embarrassment is still fresh. I'm glad that it was my neighbor's mother who this happened to, so I don't have to avoid my neighbor for months. Although by now I'm sure Neighbor also knows the story. Oh well, sh*t happens right? Literally.

Peeps, I got to POWERWASH this weekend. And it was awesome. We were helping Mike's aunts and uncles clean up his grandparents 100 year-old house. And I got to powerwash the lawn furniture. It was so cool. One minute old weathered-looking furniture, the next minute almost-new-looking furniture. No less than three uncles warned me about the hazards of running the powerwashing stream over my own foot, which I obviously realized was a bad idea. I mean, the thing takes the top layer of WOOD off, what is it going to do to my skin? Nonetheless, it was funny to see grown men take care to caution this little lady. They obviously cared about my tootsies and crocs. I also got some street cred with the uncles for wearing crocs to clean, as two of them were sporting them as well. Score!

Photography class is over next week and I am so glad. I love learning about how to use my camera better, but I could do with a little less talking about it. I mean, tell me how to use these buttons. I don't want to talk about how I felt when I took the picture. Or about why. I definitely don't want to talk about how anyone else felt when they took a certain picture. Oy vey. Talk about a waste of time. I guess I am far more utilitarian about the whole process than the average photographer, and way less dreamy artistic type. But seriously, one dude in my class rented an $8000 lens (rental price: $300) and drove to CAPE FREAKING CANAVERAL last week to photograph the spaceship launch. I mean, nice pictures, they are discontinuing the program, and blah blah special-experience-cakes whatever. People obviously have too much time on their hands. Maybe I would too if I canceled my cable television. Which will never happen. You would have to pry my remote from my cold dead hands!

We have the next three weekends in Chicago and I'm super stoked. Now here's hoping the weather cooperates!

I was all revved up to buy a macbook pro last night and chickened out. When it came time to veer off into Best Buy on my walk home from the train I just couldn't do it. Instead I went home, backed up my pink Dell, and then took it apart and extracted a dust bunny the size of my pinky finger. That largely cleared up the "runs so hot you can't put it on your lap" problem. Boo! and also Yay! Now I definitely don't need a new laptop. But I've had an offer from my mom to give ol pinky a good home so maybe I still should get the macbook. I hate big decisions, man. Maybe I'll sit on it for another month?

I need to upload pics so you guys can see the wonder that is a tiny beagle chasing around 4 little nephews from the weekend. It was so awesome.