Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sicky Milly

Last week we noticed that Milly's left ear had a ton of gunk in it. "That's weird," I thought, and cleaned it out. Then it got gunky again a few days later. And then while I was petting her a few times on Saturday (I rub the ears) I got a little yelp. Later that day when I went to pet her she ran away! Something was definitely wrong with our little puppy!
So I texted the boss and asked if I could work from home on Monday to take her to the vet. The text wouldn't have been any different if I'd been talking about an infant, and I laughed a bit at myself for being such a Dink. "Milly has an ear infection and the only appointment they had for her was 3 on Monday... would it be ok to work from home that day so I can take her?"

Clearly the dog thinks she's people because we treat her like she's people.

Yesterday I worked from home and took her to the vet and the poor little thing whimpered as the vet cleaned out her bum ear. Milly buried her head in my arms afterwards to ward off the evil ear-cleaning vet. The vet gave me medicine to administer twice daily, and ear-cleaning solution to use once a week to prevent further infections (I guess beagles are extremely apt to get those big floppy ears infected, boo). Milly seemed better already this morning, bounding around with unlimited energy.

"She seems better," I told Mike. "Yup, she's just happy to be alive, as per usual," replied Mike.

Maybe that's why people love dogs, because they are just happy to be alive. And ecstatic to rip up the new stuffed starfish man I scored at Target for her last night :)


rondamarie said...

Aw, man, I think this just kills me because I have a beagle and I've been through the whole thing with her. Those floppy ears are adorable, but problematic at times. I'm so glad she's feeling better.

Eric's Mommy said...

One of our dogs had ear issues when we adopted her. She is a Pit Bull so she doesn't have floppy ears. It sometimes comes back too but not as bad, I still have leftover medicine just in case. It's her right ear, and for some reason if she shakes her head that ear will stand up, only the right never the left, which is strange.

Hi! I'm Erin said...

I think that's definitely why dog people like dogs. You can't help but smile when their joy for life rubs off on you.

Glad Milly is feeling better!