Monday, February 08, 2010

Urban dogsitting legend

Yesterday I went with three girlfriends to the Indiana-Northwestern game, and we rode a bus from Kirkwood. We were cracking up because everyone on the bus was super drunk and also engaging in chugging contests, while we observed. At least it was pretty entertaining.

On the way home from the game, a guy in the seat in front of us told us a story:
"So this friend of a friend, was watching another family's dog while they were on vacation and it was super old and died while the family was gone. She called the family and told them - they were bummed but again the dog was super old so it was unsurprising. They asked her if she could get rid of the dog, and she agreed. Now this girl was like a 110 pounds, and the dog was a pretty big Golden Retriever, so to get rid of it she put it in a suitcase and was going to take it somewhere (my sidenote: maybe a vet or somewhere that disposes of pet bodies? The guy didn't say). Since the dog was pretty heavy the girl was having trouble pulling it along as she got on the subway, and some guy says "That looks pretty heavy, what do you have in there?" The chick didn't want the guy to be weirded out that she had a dead dog, so she replied that she had computer parts or something electronic. The guy promptly punches her in the stomach and takes off with the suitcase."

Granted..... the guy that told me this story didn't personally know the chick personally and parts of it don't make sense... a dead dog on a subway? Asking someone to get rid of a dog body? Putting a dead dog in a suitcase?! BUT STILL, just the thought of some thief getting stuck with a dog body cracks you up right?

You kind of wish everyone who steals stuff gets the equivalent of a dog body in their suitcase.


Toolio said...

I really needed a laugh and this was just what the doctor ordered! Loved this story!