Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday random thoughts

Is it sad that I get super excited every Monday to get the condo tidied up? Usually on Monday morning it looks like a tornado hit it (yeah, a Mike tornado!). So I come home, do 5 loads of laundry, load and run the dishwasher, empty it and load it again, make the guest bed if we had a guest over the weekend, cook my food for the week and balance our checking account.

Tonight not only do I get to watch LOST but I am going to do our taxes.... WHEE!!! The life of a grownup, it just keeps getting better.


This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Thursday our friend Chad got into town. Mike used to live with Chad, so we've grown so close that he is pretty much family (Chad even came on Mike and I's first date with us... we all three went to go see Runaway Jury).

When Chad got to our place , he immediately noticed the new carpet. Then going into the living room/kitchen area he thought the cabinets looked whiter. "I Mr-Clean-Magic-Erasered them all last week" I told him with a shrug. He responded with "Was that one word you used? Like, you made Mr. Clean Magic Eraser a verb?" He finally realized that the cabinets looked brighter because of the new paint, which is when I realized he hadn't been in the condo since about a year ago. So I walked around and showed him all the stuff that had been done... new paint, backsplash, etc. I was kind of proud that he noticed and thought it looked alot better. And I was proud of me for doing so much in a year. Go, Type A personality who misses her husband!!


On Friday we went to happy hour at a place down the street that offers $1 beer bottles. We drank them out of Budweiser and Bud Light by 10PM, I felt kind of bad for the poor college students that rolled in around 11PM looking for a deal. But they were still offering $5 pitchers at that point so I guess it wasn't all bad news.

Around 11 I decided a round of shots was in order to close out the evening and went to the bar to buy a few Tommy-Coverdale-specials. That was when the bartender told me he was out of jager. I ordered something else and decided to give him a good-natured ribbing in the form of "Dude, who runs out of jager?!". As he mixed up our shots, he asked me if I'd ever owned or worked in a bar. As he said "So someone who has NEVER worked in or owned a bar is telling me how to run my bar" I realized that the shots he was mixing were about 85% soda and 15% alcohol. Wanting to save my shots, I said "Hey buddy, I was just messing with you! What do I know? No hard feelings!" I relaxed when he said "Oh, never mind, just a mix-up" and felt even more relieved when he reached for the bottle of vodka to add more to the drinks. I can handle paying for the shots, but not ones that don't even have anything in them!


Chad and I both happened to watch an episode of Better Off Ted last weekend where two nerdy scientists that work at this company learn to tell people to "deal with it" from a salesman (who is the main character Ted's brother). They buy a dead body from the lab supply store and Ted asks what they're going to do with it. "We're going to DEAL WITH IT, Ted," says one. "Yeah," the other chimes in, "Just like YOU'RE going to DEAL WITH IT!" The whole episode they were telling people to deal with it in their nerdy mantra.

Of course, Chad and I spent the weekend telling other people, each other, blank walls to DEAL WITH IT. It was awesome.

This show is awesome and I love it so naturally it will get cancelled soon.


This week marks 7 weeks left of Mike in Detroit. Next week makes 6. Ironically, he was only supposed to be there originally for 4-6 weeks. I remember 6 weeks feeling like a lifetime and now I feel like he will be back home for good tomorrow. Funny how things get put into perspective for you. I guess I've learned to DEAL WITH IT. Regardless, I am happy his time out of town is coming to a close.


Bayjb said...

I don't think I could watch LOST and do my taxes at the same time. I would get so distracted and then boom! the taxes are done wrong!