Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Travelling plans

Winter is upon us, and with that is a boring April. I've been trying to work out at least 2-3 times a week and have been doing really well at the eating, so have lost about 4 lbs. My goal is to lose 10 by the time we go to Key West in February. Speaking of which, check out all these trips we have planned:
  • Next week we're going to Mexico to attend my friend Dora's wedding. Not quite ready to be in a bathing suit, but oh well
  • February we're heading to Key West for the weekend of Valentine's and Mike's birthday.
  • March we're going to Tahoe to ski with friends (we have a group of 20 people going! Yikes!
Mike is also really close to getting a companion pass on southwest so we're trying to figure out where else to go next year. Here is the short list, any input is appreciated!
  • Back to Napa, flying into Oakland
  • Seattle
  • Austin (dudes, I want to eat some BBQ)
  • Baltimore to visit friends
  • LA to visit friends
Where else should we go?! And on a related note, who wants to Milly-sit?!?


Bayjb said...

Wow I'm jealous of how much you guys travel! Seriously those trips all sound like fun. And Napa gets my vote.

Mich said...

You should go to Nashville...and invite us! I thinking about the half marathon in April...You should do it!