Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dora gets married!

Well we're back from Cancun and now I feel really ready to be in Christmas mode!!

My friend Dora got married this weekend so we made it a quick trip to Riviera Maya.... left Friday around 9AM and returned on Sunday night. Emily watched Milly - it was nice knowing that the furball was in good hands!!

Friday was quite the blur... we got to the resort and were all checked in by about 3. Then we ate lunch and took a three hour nap. Around 9PM we walked to the rehearsal dinner. We sat with the bride, groom, and three girls we knew from my former (and Mike's current) employer. It was great to catch up with the, and the bride and groom gave everyone presents! I got a cool Russian nesting doll (both bride and groom are from Russia) and Mike got a little carved wood box to put his cufflinks in. Sweet!

Saturday we slept in and then hit the beach. After the beach, the pool! I am now of the opinion that all pools should have have a swimup bar. Also, they had this tasty twist on a bloody mary called a Rojo Ojo (Red Eye) that had beer instead of vodka. After the day in the water and a quick nap, we cleaned up and headed to the wedding. I snuck a few pics of the scene before the bride arrived.

Once Dora got there we took some pics!
Look how pretty... my little Dora is all growed up!!
More of the beach scene at sunset... Wishing I'd brought my good camera and lowlight lens. But totally didn't want my good camera near water, sand, and alcohol!! All of which were plentiful.
The resort had all the palm trees wrapped in twinkle lights. Not sure if this was for the holidays or an all-the-time thing, but it was awesome.
As we sat waiting for the ceremony to start I joked that I wished I had my iphone on me. "I'd update my status to 'Just sittin here waiting for Dora to get murried.'" I joked. The ceremony was short and as it finished up Good Day by Black Eyed Peas (I think?) started playing as the wedding party danced back down the aisle. Fun!

We headed to a nearby building for the reception. Jewish weddings are super fun - everyone gets up and dances between all the courses. Here everyone is kind of dancing around in a circle.

Love the chair dance. Mike is always front and center for this. He's seen people almost drop someone too many times, and is all about taking responsibility for making sure people stay upright. This was no exception, as the groom was almost dropped like twice right at the beginning before Mike grabbed two chair legs and rested most of the weight of the chair on his shoulder. Ahhh, my big burly man!
More dancing in a group... this one, people stood in a circle while other people twirled around with linked arms in the middle. Does that even make sense?
Menis gives me the look that he is shocked I am taking pictures with such a large camera.
The night included alot of tequila so I figured this was a fitting last picture... Mazel Tov!
Overall the trip was great, even though it was quick, and I'm very glad we got to go. It's so great seeing my friend Dora so happy. She's such a sweetie with a good heart, and I love her!


Bayjb said...

What a great wedding! Bummer it was such a short trip but man that looks like a good time. Jealous!

Mich said...

I love the beach...what a pretty wedding.