Tuesday, October 07, 2008


  • I am about 4 weeks deep in mini-marathon training and starting to feel like I'm hitting my stride. While I am no spring chick, I am no longer sounding like a box of rice krispies rolling down the sidewalk (snap! crackle! pop! get it?)
  • I think the debates so far have been largely boring, but what is with McCain? In the first debate he wouldn't make eye contact with Obama (even when they were shaking hands!) and in this debate referring to Obama as "This one"? What? I mean, can we have a little respect... I think McCain is probably a really great guy, but he seems really angry that Obama is even running. I mean, it's no disrespect that someone is running against him, that's kind of the point of the whole race, no? I like Obama, and I do think that he and Biden ALWAYS saying "McCain is a good man" is a bit too much, always trying to act the good guy, but at the same time... can't we keep races clean and respectful anymore? As illustrated by all the random ads that are aired by every candidate EVER at every election opportunity, obviously not! I just wish we could all just get along!?!?
  • I am so annoyed by this whole financial crisis. I feel like there are so many people in this country living SO FAR beyond their means and take really stupid chances, and the people who play it safe and save money and live prudently are getting punished. I mean, at this point I could have NOT contributed to my 401k for the first two years of my career and be in the same position.
  • On that vein, you know what else annoys me? WaMu's commercials lately. You know the "The same things you loved about WaMu are still here, but now backed with the resources of JPMorgan" You know what I liked about you WaMu? My SHAREHOLDER'S EQUITY. You suck!
  • Whew, that's great to get out of my system. haha... it could be worse, I didn't have that much in WaMu
  • Going to IU this weekend, and stopping to see Baby Gracie, My sis, and her dude on the way home. Life doesn't get much better than tailgating, Sink the Biz, and Gracie snuggles all in one weekend!!