Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi there...

This week of mini-marathon training is rough-going. I spent last night and Monday night getting the condo tidy (note that I did not say clean, just tidy) and re-doing the blarg. Tonight I ran my 4 miles and I was totally fine with it, but I was ready to be OUTTA there after the run. I should have lifted, but did not.

So glad the presidential race is almost over. I am just ready to be DONE with this already.

Maybe I should put some money in rupees now just in case our whole country goes up in flames soon?

This weekend in Bloomington was so much fun! I had Pizza Express TWICE, got some candy-stripe pants I have been eyeing since undergrad, and got to know a bunch of fun people. I have to also give the two pregnant chicas a shout-out... ya'll were WAY more understanding around LOUD, rambunctious drinking people than I think I will ever be when it's my turn! And my first foray into the actual stadium since undergrad made for some great pics


Mich said...

You've been tagged!