Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's been a VERY busy few weeks... here are some photo highlights!

Jay moved to Chicago.... this is us at Jack's for the IU vs. Purdue basketball game

We hit up Prost! for Mike and his pals' b-days. This is a pic of another night at Prost, and a Das boot of Schlitz... ew....
We were walking across the street to go to the train this week and saw this semi. We're not sure how it collapsed in half but it looks pretty cool!!
I hit up Adobo Grill and 2nd City Comedy club with Emily and her coworkers this week, and got off the El at the new Sedgewick station. They have installed this beautiful mural/mosaic in the new station.
Just walking down North Avenue to Adobo....


Mich said...

I am glad you got a pic of the semi - I saw it and immediately regretted not snaping a picture. It was insane!