Monday, January 09, 2012

Look who is one!!!

DSC_8165 by agstratt
DSC_8165, a photo by agstratt on Flickr.

No concerns about lack of cake smashing around here. Emmett grabs the cake and smashes it right into his mouth!

At one year:
-Emmett is into EVERYTHING.
-He is cruising along furniture, and has two push toys he can walk behind.
-He can stand on his own when he doesn't realize he is doing it (once he realizes he is all AHHH and grabs for something).
-He climbed up on his car push toy onto the coffee table two days ago, resulting in a nice bruised noggin.
-Falls all the time
-Has finally learned to wave - with his whole arm!
-Make clicking sounds with his mouth and yells while smacking his mouth making an ah-ah-ah-ah sound.
-He can eat an entire can of mandarin oranges and has housed an adult sized serving of lasagna.
-He loves chef boyardee ravioli and especially loves to rub it in his hair - making it red and spiky.
-He looks like Ralphie from a Christmas story with the glasses.
-Took his first steps last week!