Sunday, August 07, 2011

7 months!

Another month has gone by and our tiny Sir is 7 months old!

At seven months, Emmett:
  • Has been to TWO Cubs games. Luckily the Cubs won the second one. Emmett slept almost the whole time and I managed to eat chili cheese fries AND a chili cheese dog without any of it falling on E's head (he was in the baby carrier)
  • He is sitting up largely on his own. He still tumps over a decent amount, but he is doing pretty well overall.
  • Loves jaunts around town in his stroller
  • Has started (kind of) eating solids. I started him on purees and just recently ditched the purees and started the Baby-led weaning methods. He can pick up a piece of cheese, get it to his mouth, and bite off a chunk. The chewing and swallowing could be better but I think he's doing great for only doing the method for a few days.
  • He is OVER swings. Swings are for babies, Mom.
  • Loves his activity table, and just recently figured out how to walk himself around it.
  • Is loving not having to wear his helmet. He is so much more comfortable without it.
  • Has discovered his feet and spends alot of time trying to get them in his mouth. Unfortunately, his belly gets in the way of this objective.
While taking his 7 month pictures, I got an action shot of Emmett spitting up. This is how we see him much of the time! While gross, this picture TOTALLY cracks me up.


Stephanie said...

I live in Chicago now, but my hometown is Harbor Springs! I assume you know that the county you were in was Emmet County? :-)

Stephanie said...
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Mich said...

Great pictures! Even the spit up one - since that is real life and all!