Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A small recap

The holidays were great! I didn't take much time off, but I accomplished SO MUCH over the two week span around the holidays that I didn't really care. I mean, how productive are most people usually over those two weeks? This time I got a huge amount of work-work done and also got the baby's room in Major Order. I finished the quilt my Grandma Stratton started like 20 years ago and addressed a bunch of baby announcement envelopes. Mike also took a large chunk out of his honey-do list and only has a few things left on it - none of which stress me out at all (OK, yes I would like the keg out of the baby's closet before Dos shows up, but it would make for a funny story as well. "When we brought you home Dad still had a year-old keg of skunked Bud Light in your closet"). He would only have one thing left on the honey-do list if someone else in the condo building hadn't already had the ladder... so he couldn't get up on the roof to pull the cables for the satellite back up there. Woe, poor boy, such is life. Maybe this weekend.

Mike and I both got new Kindles for Christmas and are LOVING them. They are awesome. I also got a Flip HD to take videos of Dos and Mike got some media server add-on thingy that is supposed to be super cool and I should probably understand but don't fully. I let him handle these things. As long as I can watch my Bravo on the TV I don't much care what is going on with it.

I was convinced this past weekend that I was entering my "uncomfortable phase" and maybe I still am, but it turns out that Monday I just felt really EXTRA crappy. I was only slightly uncomfortable this weekend so hopefully that is more of the norm than what happened on Monday. On Monday I was in pain and crabby with Milly and then came home and slept on the couch for two hours after work. I only got up to drink more water and then go back to bed. I was worried that the next six weeks would be like that. Thank goodness, I got some of my chipper disposition back, even if I still am a bit uncomfortable. That is to be expected, I guess. The tiny human in me is getting to be not-so-tiny, even the doctor agrees that it is a bit larger than expected. They are measuring Dos again next week for size, so we shall see how that goes!

Also, the world is ending. Last night I went to Jewel and they weren't taking credit cards, then this morning McDonald's was cash-only. What. The. Heck. Luckily I've had Parent Christmas money on me, so no biggie. But still!


Mich said...

nice work lady - I am super impressed!